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20 Davidson St., Madoc, Ontario, Canada
P.O. Box 6
K0K 2K0


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Staff & Board


CEO/Librarian Tammie Adams
Assistant Librarian Terry Pritchard

Library Board Members

Gayle Ketcheson - Chairperson
Debbie Storring - Vice Chairperson
Randy Rowe - Madoc Township Council Representative
Bob Hadley - Municipality of Centre Hastings Council Representative
Tammie Adams - Secretary/Treasurer
Mary S. Pigden, Art Lessard and Mark Godfrey - Ratepayers


Madoc Public Library was first organized in the year 1900, in Mr. William Cross' law office. A group of far-seeing gentlemen of Madoc Village canvassed the village for signatures to a declaration for incorporation of the village library. These citizens included the names of Rev. Burton, Phelps, Machay, Seymour, William Cross, William Mackintosh, Thos. Cross and J.C. Dale, F.W. O'Flynn, T.J. Ivy and A. Caskey. Mr. Stewart had generously offered a room for library purpose, adjoining his law office, where Ken Connor's apartments are today.

These gentlemen canvassed the village and collected $200.00 for starting the library. A total of 173 volumes were selected at a cost of $136.00. Mr. Seymour was the first librarian, with a salary of $2.17 per month. A petition was presented to the Village Council asking for a grant. The august body gave the library a grant of $50.00. In 1902 the library received its first government grant amounting to $195.00. In 1905, the library was moved to the Y.M.C.A. rooms. In 1910, Miss Mouncey was appointed librarian, and made recognition for herself by being the first lady on the Library Board. The Library was moved again, to Mr. A.F. Wood's office building, south of J. Stewart's residence.

In 1919, the Library Board members were Rev. W.S. McTavish, C.A. Hart, Wm. Cross, G.H. Gillespie, D. Henderson and A.Y. Snider and the library lifted its roots once again when it was shifted to the rooms over the old Post Office rented from Mr. O'Flynn. Miss Jennie Aylsworth was appointed librarian in 1926; Miss Eva Crawford, librarian in 1927; G.S. White was chairman in 1930, and George West accepted the responsible position in 1932.

Again the library was moved, this time to Mrs. Caverley and Dougan's store which was north of Bob McCoy's store. Jim Burns was president in 1944. Librarians were Mrs. R. Comerford, Mrs. F. O'Riordan, and Mrs. Jim Keller.

In 1947, Mr. Samuel Rollins built the new library, Madoc Memorial, and donated it to the village. Finally the library could cease its wanderings for it had found a home. In 1949, the Women's Institute Branch members furnished the reading room spending $600.00 for expenses.

In 1959, Mrs. K.T.Nicol was appointed chairman by the Library Board with Miss Van Kleek, Treasurer, and Mrs. J. Keller, Secretary. Reeve Jack Kincaid informed the Library Board that a member of the Village Council would be appointed each year to attend the library meetings as liason for the council.

The formal opening of the Madoc Centennial Project was held on Friday, June 16, 1967 at two o'clock in the afternoon. This project involved the building of a large addition to the library, to be used as a Reference Room and Meeting Room. The project was completed through the efforts of the Madoc people who donated by subscription the one-third amount of money needed to meet the requirements of the Provincial and Federal Centennial Committees, who each paid one-third.

Mr. Tom Burnside, the Reeve of Madoc, was the Master of Ceremonies. The distinguished visitors present to assist were Mr. Rod Webb, Member of Parliament, for the area riding; Mr. William Shannon, Warden of Hastings County; Mr. Goldie McInroy, Reeve of Huntingdon Twp.; Dr. George Maybee with his mother, Mrs. Casement; and Mrs. Maurice Holt of Toronto.

The Library Board worked hard and enthusiastically to make the project the success that it was. In 1967 Mrs. K.T. Nicol was Presidnet of the Madoc Memorial Library Board, and members were Miss Grace Raney, Mrs. Walter Armstrong, Mrs. Roswald Dafoe, Mrs. James Keller, Mrs. Ivor Hughes, Mrs. Earl Burnside and Miss Loreen Connor.